Core Values

LifeWay Church seeks to maintain a clear vision with the following goals and planned strategy of how to accomplish them in order that we might demonstrate the present day expression of the life and ministry of Christ.

Environment of Acceptance
All People matter to God.  We provide an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Biblically Based
The Bible is the foundation for transformation and growth in the lives of individuals.  We present scripture in a relevant manner, as the guide for successful living.

Relevant Worship. We conduct inspiring services, which glorify God.  We celebrate God's love and the victory of Christ and our faith through vibrant praise and worship, recognizing the Presence of God manifested "in the midst" and following His leading and order in worship and teaching according to God's Word.

Authentic Spiritual Life & Kingdom Lifestyle.  Each believer developing a daily, authentic relationship with God that is reflected in the communion, character and quality of his/her life. Being dependent upon the supernatural empowering of the Holy Spirit to live godly in Christ and being committed to prayer and spiritual warfare to take back from the enemy of Life all that he has stolen.  Each member is involved in “restoring the breach” of those “waste places” and people long devastated, and bringing shalom (wholeness) through the restoration that God now provides through the Body of His Son.

The Centrality of Relationships & Body Life.  Building relationships, strong marriages and families that reflect our covenant with God and each other through our covenant communion.  As members "one of another," we do not belong to ourselves, for we were "bought with a price."  Living the "life or the Body" is a consummate reality, and the Heavenly Jerusalem is our "chief joy." Through support groups each member "builds up" the body by encouragement and the accountability of small groups.

Building Strong Families
We emphasize biblically healthy and caring relationships.  We provide and environment which strengthens marriages and families.

Youth Minded
We disciple and develop the children and youth of our church and community.  We emphasize their value, importance and influence through student ministry.

Biblical Order.  Being trained by and submitted to God's government of apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers in the church.

Developing & Equipping People.  Identifying and helping to develop the spiritual gifts of each member so that he/she might have a vital role in ministering to people's needs through specific team ministry in the church.

Evangelism. Fulfilling the Great Commission to reach multitudes of unchurched people through every possible means so that they may come to know the fulness of Christ and His Kingdom that exists as members of His Body.

Covenant Keepers.  Realizing that "keeping faith" (Mal. 2:10,16b) confirms the efficacy of His Grace and reality of the working of His Word in our lives to fulfill these common convictions.

Ecumenicalism. Cooperating with other church bodies so as to demonstrate a witness of one Body and Church.