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LifeWay, finally we have a library to which we will continually add eBooks mainly in PDF format, which everyone can read (and download with special permission), which have served as reference material in teaching, Sunday School and our evangelistic world view in general.  Praise God!  Now let's utilize it and grow in the knowledge of the Lord as God's Word commands us to.

Look at the list of books available NOW (below)... and get started!  Now, you have plenty of good material for your personal growth or group study. (Do notice the copyright warning at top ... this is for LifeWay members ONLY ... since we had to pay for each one of these.) 

We are testing this online service as www.issuu.com and will soon embed it into our own website here.  But during testing, if you want to access this library, send an email to office@lifeway.org with the Title of the book you want to read.  We will then send you the link for that particular book in the library.  Most of the books on "Eschatology--The Study of Last Things," are available now. To access books in this section, you only need to click on the book or book title and "voila"---the PDF eBook will appear. Notify the office or Pastor David for the LINK.

  • 10 Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed & Answered
  • America's 200-Year War With Islamic Terrorism
  • America's Christian History
  • Armageddon NOW!
  • Changing Of The Guard
  • Children Trap: Biblical Principles for Education
  • Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn't
  • Covenant Enforced
  • Debate Over Christian Reconstruction
  • Dominion and Common Grace
  • Dominion Covenant: Genesis
  • Doomsday Deja Vu
  • Early Church and the End of the World
  • Healer of the Nations
  • Historical Revisionism
  • Hoax of Higher Criticism
  • Is Jesus Coming Soon?
  • Is the World Running Down?
  • slam: A Religion of Violence or Peace?
  • Jesus v. Jerusalem
  • Killer Angel
  • Judeo-Christian Tradition
  • Last Days Madness
  • Law of the Covenant
  • Manifested in the Flesh
  • Matthew 24 Fulfilled
  • Millennialism and Social Theory
  • Movies With Worldviews In Mind
  • Myths, Lies, and Half Truths
  • Presuppositional Apologetics
  • Rapture Fever
  • Reconstruction of the Church - Christianity and Civilization #4

  • Reduction of Christianity
  • Second Chance: Biblical Principles of Divorce and Remarriage
  • That You May Prosper
  • The Book of Revelation Made Easy
  • The Great Tribulation
  • The United States: A Christian Nation
  • Through New Eyes: Developing a Biblical View of the World
  • Tithing and the Church
  • Tools of Dominion
  • Westminster's Confession
  • Who Owns the Family?
  • Why is Eschatology Important?
  • Why the End of the World is Not In Your Future

Soon there will be a download link attached to each book title, which can be accessed with a secret code to the download page.

In the meantime, if you see a book you want to read now, simply email office@lifeway.org and request it ... we'll send it to you via email in PDF format..